05/31/2013 09:10 am ET

The Chillsner Keeps Your Beer Cold

Never suffer through a warm brew again.

Some beers you're supposed to drink on the warmer side. Guinness is better suited at room temperature, and other brown ales can stand up to it. But in the summer, with crisp lagers, you had better be drinking your beer ice cold. Because no matter how good of a beer you're drinking -- and there's a pretty great line-up of summer beers to be enjoying this season -- it's just not good when it starts to get warm.

That's where The Chillsner hopes to help. Much like The Corksicle, the in-bottle white wine cooler, The Chillsner keeps your beer cold. After freezing the thin, green bean-shaped Chillsner for 45 minutes, you just pop it into your beer and drink through the in-bottle chiller. Of course, you could just always drink your beer at a normal pace and never have to deal with it getting to warm to drink. Or, you could try a koozie -- remember those? -- for a fraction of the price.

We're not sure how The Chillsner would affect the taste or carbonation of a beer, but we're pretty sure it will successfully keep a beer cold. So if you're a slow drinker, or never seem to have enough ice to keep a cooler cold, you can try The Chillsner for $29.95 (available starting the beginning of June).

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