05/31/2013 11:07 am ET

Horse_ebooks Yearbook Quote: Can This Please Become A Trend?


We've seen some pretty great yearbook quotes of late, but this actually might be the best one yet.

A high school student named Emily followed through on her word recently, when she made her senior quote a tweet from Horse_ebooks. Emily blogged on Tumblr last year that if her post received "above 500 notes i'll use a horse_ebooks tweet as my senior quote."

Well, the Tumblr community responded, and her post currently has more than 40,000 notes.

A picture posted by Emily on Tumblr shows her smiling yearbook photo with the following quote below her name:

"Their negativity only served to push me deeper into the realms of soap maker" -- Horse_ebooks.

Our question is, how did Emily chose which quote to use, when that Twitter account pumps out so many great tweets? Here are just a few recent gems from the account The Atlantic describes as "an inexplicably famous spambot that won the Internet with its nonsensical verbal juxtapositions."

We so hope that Horse_ebooks yearbook quotes become a trend.

(Hat tip, Gawker, Pleated Jeans)



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