05/31/2013 04:24 pm ET

Samuel L. Jackson Reads Reddit User's Winning Monologue For Charity Content (NSFW VIDEO)

"We did it, Internet! We f*cking did it!"

Samuel L. Jackson promised Reddit on Wednesday that he would read a 300 word monologue -- any monologue -- that received the most votes, in the name of raising money for Alzheimer's research. Friday afternoon, he delivered on his promise.

On Thursday, the race appeared to be between an uplifting monologue that the user said he or she would use as an alarm clock, and a more "badass" monologue in which Jackson would play a Navy Seal bragging about his prowess. The latter was heavily promoted by the Internet community 4chan, which also was instructed to downvote the "alarm clock" monologue.

Comedian Eugene Mirman also submitted his own absurd monologue.

Jackson later claimed that he would actually record two monologues, one of his personal choosing and one that received the most upvotes. The video published did not receive the most upvotes, so the actual winner will likely be posted shortly. He previously promised to do two videos if he raised $100,000, and he says in the video above that he raised over $125,000.

Currently, the top voted entry appears to the "Navy Seal" monologue, which now appears to be deleted, possibly because of 4chan's tampering. The second most upvoted is the "alarm clock" monologue.

Check out the clip above to see Jackson's first choice, which obviously includes some NSFW language.



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