06/01/2013 12:35 pm ET

Beyonce Album Release In November? Fan Says Singer Revealed Info During Meet-And-Greet

Getty Images

Could it be? Did a random fan at Beyonce's Norway concert this week manage to collect more details about the singer's mysterious next album than what the rest of us know?

Olivia Krantz, a concertgoer who participated in a meet-and-greet with Beyonce, posted a blog entry in which she relayed her encounter with the diva and asked her when the the album would be out.

"Everything went so fast that I could only say that I love 'Grown Woman' and ask her when her album is coming," the fan wrote. "'In November' was her answer before her gaze drifted to the next fan. Got a faint feeling that she disliked the question."

Whether these claims are legitimate is yet to be seen, but if so, it would be the closest we've gotten to any concrete details regarding Beyonce's fifth album. The singer has debuted a few songs -- "Bow Down," "Standing on the Sun" and "Grown Woman" -- but remained elusive in pinpointing an official release date for the entire effort. In the meantime, she's left to battle with H&M over questionable Photoshop maneuvers and squash the ongoing pregnancy rumors that have sent the Internet into a tizzy.



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