06/01/2013 01:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Heidi Klum 'Gangnam Style' Dance Is Cause For Celebration (VIDEO)

Whether she's modeling, hosting a TV show or saving her child's life, Heidi Klum really commits. The gorgeous industry veteran doesn't just look great in a dress -- she injects every activity with a healthy sense of enthusiasm.

Even dancing. Back in November, Heidi hosted the MTV Music Awards in her native Germany, a gig which, it turns out, involved heavy choreography to a vital viral hit song... while wearing a ridiculous costume.

As June 1 marks Heidi's 40th birthday, we think the joyful occasion calls for a spirited celebration. Pay your respects to the model's accomplishments in the performing arts by revisiting her rendition of "Gangnam Style" with Psy below. Blue tux optional.


Heidi's come a long way:

Heidi Klum's Style Evolution

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