06/01/2013 07:18 am ET Updated Jun 02, 2013

Joan Rivers Gets Patriotic And More Tweets Of The Week (PHOTOS)

It's always fun when stars riff on themselves. Case in point: Joan Rivers posted a picture on Tuesday of herself wearing a pretty hilarious American flag shawl. The harsh "Fashion Police" host said she was "feeling very patriotic this weekend" and joked that she wore the getup for three days straight.

As always, Michael Carl of Vanity Fair made our list -- this time, twice! President Obama tweeted a pretty awesome picture of Justin Timberlake and him looking very dapper, Carrie Brownstein made us laugh at her text conversation with a friend and Victoria Beckham posted a funny picture blocking out her face and admits to wearing the same thing twice.

Click through for a good laugh!

Tweets Of The Week

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