06/02/2013 10:33 am ET Updated Aug 02, 2013

I'm Biracial, And That Cheerios Ad Is A Big Fucking Deal. Trust Me.


By now you know some racist dicks have whipped themselves up in a frenzy of racist dickery over the portrayal of an interracial family in a Cheerios ad. You see, Cheerios has committed the heinous crime of "acknowledging that interracial families exist," and also that "sometimes interracial families need to eat breakfast." This was too much for the racist dicks--Cheerios was forced to disable comments on YouTube where the video was posted. (What's up with you racist dicks, anyway? Don't you have jobs?)

I am biracial. My mom is black and my dad is white. My family often had the audacity to eat breakfast even though cereal was not being specifically marketed to us. When I was growing up, there were no families on television that resembled mine. My family was something of an anomaly in the overwhelmingly white neighborhood of Seattle where I lived. When I was with my mom, people would look at me and ask, "What is she?" When I was with my dad, people would ask, "Is she Italian?" Because this is definitely the kind of information that strangers are entitled to.

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