06/03/2013 02:50 pm ET

'Bad (Remix)': Rihanna Joins Wale For Some Bed Springs Sounds & More (AUDIO)

No rest for the weary: Wale dropped the Rihanna remix to "Bad" one day after performing at Hot 97's Summer Jam.

The track features Wale and Ms. Six-Milly dropping a bit of sing-rap over squeaky bed springs (it's like the early '00s, someone bring back TrillVille), clattering snares and an otherwise charming beat. Rih fans will be reminded of "Loveeeeeee Song," her track with Future. Rihanna and Wale trade lines about why type of gents like what types of ladies (she claims that "hood girls just want a real n---a") and Rihanna slurs her way through a sultry-yet-sad hook. "Yeah I'm good in bed, but I'll be baaaaaad to ya," she says, doing her best version of Star's "One More Night."

If that description sounds familiar, it's because this track sees both performers staying firmly in their lanes. Luckily for listeners, an on-point Wale and a sparkling Rihanna make for a pretty couple. Peep the track above and head over to iTunes if you need it in your collection.

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