06/03/2013 06:52 pm ET

Jack McCain Wedding: Sen. John McCain's Son Marries Renee Swift (PHOTOS)

Jack McCain married Renee Swift in San Francisco on Saturday in what became a much publicized affair through social media.

Meghan McCain, the 28-year-old MSNBC contributor, tweeted all night about her brother's wedding along with her father, Sen. John McCain, allowing social media users a glimpse into the glamorous party.

Jack McCain, 27, is the fifth of the senator's seven children. A lieutenant in the Air Force, he dressed in full regalia to marry his wife, an Air Force Reserve captain, the Washington Post notes.

From the looks of it, the lavish wedding was everything one might expect. Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney was even in attendance at the party the evening before.

It is not all too shocking that the media-savvy Meghan McCain chose to live tweet the event as if it were a political affair. (She recently announced she heard news of her father's secret trip to Syria on Twitter.) She even added a little spice in response to some "wedding crashing" jokes, tweeting, "Loving all the wedding crashers jokes regarding my brothers wedding...but no, unfortunately I didn't end up going home with Vince Vaughn."

Sen. McCain couldn't resist the opportunity to show his elation.

So in typical McCain family fashion, the intimate party had many onlookers -- even as Meghan showed off her wild side.



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