06/03/2013 12:52 pm ET Updated Jun 04, 2013

Shakira, 'The Voice' Coach, Opens Up To Oprah About Motherhood (VIDEO)

Shakira, the Latin sensation and coach on NBC's "The Voice," gave birth to a baby boy, Milan, on January 22, 2012. While the singer says she has enjoyed motherhood, she recently revealed that caring for a newborn often left her feeling confused and unprepared.

In this clip from "Oprah's Next Chapter," Shakira explains how her expectations of motherhood didn't quite match up to the realities of being a mom. "I was a little bit more confused at the beginning," Shakira tells Oprah. "It wasn't as idyllic as I thought it would be, the first month."

Shakira admits that her confusion began not long after delivering her son. "You see yourself in the mirror and you're like, 'Uh oh. I look like a Sharpei,'" she jokes. "'How am I going to get my body back? Am I ever going to go back to work? How is this going to be?' You ask yourself so many questions that have no answer because absolutely no one prepared you for that."

Despite the uncertain start, Shakira says that returning to work -- as a coach on "The Voice" -- is what helped her find her footing. "When I really recuperated a sense of normalcy is when I started working," she tells Oprah. "Then everything came together in my mind and I'm like, 'OK, this is not bad. I love it. I love to be a mom and be able to also do something for myself.'"

Since then, balancing motherhood and her work has been going well for Shakira. "I can do both things pretty well so far," she says. "I thought that having a baby would be very very difficult, but it's not. It's not that bad."

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