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Stacy Keibler's Legs Workout: Summer Fitness Tips From Celebrity Trainer Juliet Kaska

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Stacy Keibler seems to have won the genetic lottery, but the actress, former WWE wrestler and main squeeze of George Clooney still works for her killer physique. If anyone would know, it's her trainer, Juliet Kaska.

"She's always worked out. She likes doing activities. Her career went from cheerleader for the Ravens and then a wrestler and then 'Dancing With the Stars.' That’s what she’s known for -- her gorgeous body. She’s always been active, even before she met me," says Kaska, who has worked with Keibler since 2006. Kaska also trains Kerry Washington, Kate Walsh and Ali Larter, and serves as spokesperson for ACTIVATE nutrient-enhanced drinks.

"I know her parents. I cannot take claim for that height -- that’s from her folks," Kaska adds. "They’re both tall people. There are tricks in order to make your legs look longer and leaner, but I can’t really give anybody 42-inch legs. I would probably give myself a pair as well."

Kaska says that the most common misconception about fitness is that weight training and daily exercise will add excessive bulk. "A lot of women are like, 'I worked out twice this week, that should be enough.' No, you should be active every single day," she explains. "If you want a celebrity rocking body, you should be working out every day. And it’s very hard for women to get bulky. What happens is, they’re putting on lean muscles underneath the layer of fat. And when you use weight and you put on muscle, you increase your metabolism. The best-kept secret in fitness is build more muscle, burn more calories, eat more."

To stay svelte this summer, Kaska says to cut down on salt intake, get as much water as possible and add more weight training to your routine before hitting the beach. "I’m also an advocate of doing juicing," she adds. "If you have that pool party you’re going to or something you’re hosting, vegetable juicing’s a great way to take that layer of bloat off the body. A shot of aloe every morning is a great one too."

And of course, confidence is key. "The worst thing you can see is someone who’s out there going to the pool or beach or putting on a little summer dress and is just not being confident," she says. "I had a meeting with a client and I told her to stop wearing all this baggy clothing. She looked much better if she was wearing things formfitting and showing confidence, as opposed to 'I have a little pooch in my belly, I have to cover it up and hide myself.' Strut it!"

To help you achieve Keibler's rock-hard abs and legs-for-days, Kaska suggests the following moves:

Lunge and Reach
• Works: Legs, glutes, obliques, abs, back and shoulders

The Move: Stand with legs staggered, right leg in front, knees bent. Place a resistance band under right foot, in about the center of the band. Grab the outside handle with your left hand, right hand on hip and torso turned toward the right. Rise up and straighten both legs while rotating the hips toward the front and extending the left hand overhead. Lower back down to starting position and repeat 20 times on each side.

Toe Tappin’
• Works: abs, quads, calves

The Move: Stand in front of 6–8-inch stair or step. Hop from foot to foot, using the ball of each foot to tap the top of the step. Continue for 2 minutes.

Walking Lunges with Oblique Medicine Ball Twist
• Works: Quads, hamstrings, glutes, anterior shoulders, obliques, core/balance and coordination

The Move: Start with your feet together, medicine ball in front of your chest and elbows out to the side. Step your right foot forward, bending both knees into a lunge. Hold. Push the medicine ball forward and then twist toward your right side. Keep your hips completely still as you twist. Hold. Un-twist back to neutral. Pull the medicine ball back into your chest. Step your leg forward to return to the starting position. Repeat on left side. Be sure to do 15 on each leg. Choose a medicine ball that’s weight-appropriate.

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