06/04/2013 03:21 pm ET

Juan Luis Guerra Releases 'Asondeguerra Tour' Album, Advises Artists To 'Look Into Their Culture'

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Much like his “Bilirubina,” Juan Luis Guerra continues to rise.

With 14 Grammys and 11 studio albums, the Bachata legend recently released his first Live album “Asondeguerra Tour,” which features the star and his band, 4.40, performing at the Estadio Olímpico in Guerra’s hometown of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

In the CD/DVD compilation, the "Ojalá que llueva café" (“I Hope It Rains Coffee”) singer defied the rain to play 17 tracks in front of approximately 50,000 fans -- something the artist called a “blessing” during a intimidate press event where reporters, including HuffPost Voces, had the opportunity to speak with Guerra.

“The rain was part of the stage, a blessing from God on that night. It was very hot,” the 55-year-old singer said at the event.

His “Asondeguerra Tour” album, which debuted as No. 1 on Billboard Latin charts, includes special appearances by Colombian rocker Juanes for the song “La Calle” as well as Bachata crooner Romeo, who recently helped revitalize Guerra’s 1991 hit single "Frío, Frío." And with a career spanning almost three decades, the star had some advice for artists looking for long term musical success.

“Be very positive with your lyrics and my advice to young artists is to try to look into their culture, their folklore," Guerra said. "In my case, it helped me a lot.”

Despite having dozens of hit singles to his name, there are probably (though we doubt it) people who have never heard Guerra’s music. When asked which would be the ideal song to introduce someone to his music, the star couldn’t quite decide on one.

“It depends on the situation. Our music carries different moods,” the Dominicano told HuffPost Voces. “I think ‘La Bilirrubina’ could be one, or ‘Ojalá que llueva café.’ If it’s a couple then ‘Mi Bendición’ which is a new one, and if they need special encouragement ‘Las Avispas.’ I think I would have to see the person’s face before I decide.”

With Guerra’s mainstream success, it’s difficult to imagine there’d be anything left to do. Still, the Bachata artist insists there’s one thing he still hopes to do someday: “I’ve always dreamed of making a bachata with Paul McCartney.”

While the star won’t be getting on stage with the famous Beatle anytime soon, on July 20 he is scheduled to appear in Lima, Peru alongside Romeo to kick off his Asondeguerra Tour.”



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