06/04/2013 01:04 pm ET Updated Jun 04, 2013

'Junk Dunk' Ad For Boost Mobile Is 'Just Nuts' (VIDEO)

Having a guy dunk over you and dig his sweaty crotch in your face is now a metaphor for what a cell phone contract feels like.

Boost Mobile's "Junk Dunk" online ad takes viewers to a pickup basketball game and makes its point with below-the-belt goofiness.

As the dunk is carried out, one player is left with a face full of privates and the dunker is left with a head full of wisdom about restrictive wireless deals.

"That's just nuts," he says.

A spokeswoman for the 180LA ad agency behind the spot told The Huffington Post the commercial is supposed to be "emblematic of how awful contract plans can be." It's part of a Boost Mobile campaign that will be rolling out this summer, she added.

The ad's YouTube copy reads: "We got a baller to tell the world how only Boost offers shrinking payments and no contracts."

We're not sure "shrinking" might be the best word to use in a spot featuring such a manly slam, but, like they say in hoops, no harm, no foul.



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