06/04/2013 01:29 pm ET

Laura Ingraham: Karl Rove Is 'Classless' For Michele Bachmann Comments (AUDIO)

Laura Ingraham was not happy with Karl Rove on her radio show Monday.

Rove criticized Rep. Michele Bachmann on Sunday's "This Week," saying that she "did nothing" as chairman of the congressional Tea Party caucus. His remarks came on the heels of her announcement that she will not be running for re-election.

Ingraham responded to the comments, saying "We didn’t need Karl Rove taking a swipe at Michele Bachmann. That was classless. We’ll get into that as well — classless. You know, pick on me Karl, OK? She’s on her way out. For someone to say she’s never done anything for conservatism, she has never done anything, she doesn’t do anything — she’s bowing out. I mean, do you have to stomp on the political grave of Michele Bachmann? Does that really make Karl Rove feel better about himself?"

"You know what happened in the last election?" Ingraham continued. "I wouldn’t be throwing stones at other people and their contributions to conservative thought, thank you very much."

Rove found himself with egg on his face on election night last November. He disputed Fox News' call that Obama had won, only to be proven wrong. After spending millions on GOP candidates in the election, his super PAC American Crossroads also saw just a one percent return on its investments. The group was later criticized by Tea Party activists, who accused it of "squandering hundreds of millions of dollars" and being "inept."

(h/t Daily Caller)



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