06/05/2013 06:36 am ET Updated Jun 05, 2013

'Extreme Weight Loss': Meredith Wants To Lose Weight, Meet Her Birth Mother (VIDEO)

Meredith had two goals when she agreed to work with Chris Powell on "Extreme Weight Loss" -- she wanted to lose weight and she wanted to meet her birth mother. More specifically, she wanted to lose the weight before she met her birth mother.

When she dedicated herself to the program, Powell hired a private investigator to try to track down her biological mother. They were able to get some information for Meredith, who weighed 314 pounds while standing at 5'5", but a mother-daughter reunion wasn't in the cards for the show. Nevertheless, Meredith still lost an impressive 159 pounds, achieving her final goal of weighing 155 pounds.

She did record a heartfelt message for her birth mother. "The best part about today, right here and now, is that I love myself from the inside out," she said in the video. "I thank you and appreciate what you’ve done for me, and I’m here if you ever want to get to know me. And if not, that’s OK, too. Because I’m well taken care of.”

That 155-pound mark had special significance for Meredith, as she'd used it as motivation throughout her journey. She even got the number, as well as the message "Believe It, Be It" tattooed on her stomach while she was at her heaviest.

See more powerful transformations every week on "Extreme Weight Loss," Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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