06/05/2013 03:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sofia Vergara: Sample Size Is 'Insane' For My Body

Dressing for a red carpet presents challenges aplenty -- especially if you're Sofia Vergara. The "Modern Family" actress hasn't been shy in the past about the burdens that accompany her curvy body.

Finding the right fit sure is challenging for an hourglass girl in a straight model world. At last night's Gordon Parks Foundation Awards Dinner, Sofia confessed to the Cut her secret to making a dress suitable for her shape: a whole lot of tailoring.

"I have to really, like, reconstruct [the garments] inside," she said. "At the beginning, I was getting sample sizes, which of course didn't fit and I would have to transform them. Those were works of art that I had to do with my seamstress. Because to make all this fit in a sample size is insane!"

Sample sizes, which equate to a size 0, haven't budged in a healthier direction despite efforts from industry insiders, so we're always happy to see another high-profile face speak publicly about how unrealistic cuts can be.

For now, Sofia's team will keep working overtime. (Best to avoid those pesky wardrobe malfunctions...) Check out their master seamstress skills in Tuesday's look below!


sofia vergara sample size

sofia vergara sample size

Can you spot the alterations?

Sofia Vergara's Style Evolution

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