06/06/2013 07:48 am ET

Clean Your Mop Because It Can Spread Nasty Germs Throughout The House

When was the last time you thought to clean your mop? If you're like us, the answer is -- never. Sure, we run it under water after we use it, but normally we don't think about cleaning our home cleaners. According to Good Housekeeping, we do need to tend to them as they can spread germs and dirt. Luckily, the magazine found easy ways to do so.

If the head is removable, just throw it in a washing machine set on the hottest temperature and add bleach. If not, soak it in hot water with some dish detergent. The most important takeaway is to make sure it's dry and you store it with the head up.

Click through our slideshow to see our tips. And be sure to head over to Good Housekeeping for more cleaning tricks.

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