06/06/2013 11:02 am ET

Daniel Radcliffe In New 'Star Wars' Movies? Franchise Veteran Says Role Would Be 'Crazy Cool'

Eight "Harry Potter" films apparently didn't sate Daniel Radcliffe's appetite for franchises. The 23-year-old actor says he wouldn't mind a role in the upcoming "Star Wars" entry -- even if he's never seen the previous films.

"Franchise mustn’t become a dirty word," Radcliffe told Time Out London when asked whether he'd do another blockbuster series like "Potter." "If directors like J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon keep doing what they’re doing, it won’t be. I’d love to be part of one again. Maybe not leading it: a nice supporting role. 'Star Wars' would be awesome. That’d be crazy cool."

Radcliffe will probably have a lot of studying to do before accepting any roles in the new movies. The actor told Moviefone in 2011 that the only "Star Wars" installment he had seen up to that point was "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace." Given that the new films are expected to take place at least 20 years after the original trilogy ended, it's probably imperative that Radcliffe brush up on the movies that made the series into the billion-dollar industry it is today.

With scant details surrounding the new "Star Wars" trilogy, first edition of which is expected to hit theaters in summer 2015, it's impossible to predict which character Radcliffe could portray. But he isn't the only actor to hope for a role in the blockbuster -- Leonard Nimoy has said he'd "love" to join director J.J. Abrams as a fellow "Star Trek" crossover, and Florence Welch is reportedly in talks for a role in the movie. And, of course, we're still waiting on the official word that original cast members Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher will return -- which George Lucas has said is in the "final stages of negotiation."

If Radcliffe were to nab a role, he would be a featured player in two of the highest-grossing film series of all time. The "Harry Potter" series is the leader, with a collective $7.7 billion worldwide, whereas "Star Wars" is the fourth highest-grossing franchise, with $4.4 billion. Sandwiched between the two are the James Bond flicks and the Marvel Universe.



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