06/06/2013 11:31 am ET

Lena Dunham On Climate Change: 'Spring Has Really Taken The Brunt Of Global Warming'

Lena Dunham took to Twitter Thursday morning to talk climate change. The star of HBO's "Girls" tweeted:

Dunham may not be a scientist, but climate change has already had an impact on the spring season. Last year's spring arrived earlier than in any year since 1900, according to U.S. Geological Survey records.

The 27-year-old Dunham is one of millions of Americans under the age of 36 who have never experienced a cooler-than-average year. 1976 was the last year with an average temperature below the 20th century average, according to the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration.

In 132 years of record keeping, nine of the warmest years have occurred since the year 2000, notes Climate Central. Globally, 2012 was the 10th warmest year on record and hottest ever for the U.S.

In October 2012, Dunham said, “I’m freaked out about it right now, because it’s 110 degrees in L.A. practically, and it’s going to be Thanksgiving soon," reported the University of South Florida's The Oracle. “That feels like global warming.”



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