06/06/2013 06:01 am ET

'MasterChef': Gordon Ramsay Schools Contestant, Even While Goofing Off Half The Time (VIDEO)

As if a mystery box challenge wasn't difficult enough, the contestants on "MasterChef" faced an even tougher obstacle this week. Chef Gordon Ramsay temporarily entered the competition to show the other competitors how it's done.

He was, in fact, so confident that he could school all of them that he spent half of his allotted time lounging around before he even started working.

“Everyone starts pulling things out of their box, people are running to the pantry and Gordon ... goes for a stroll," said contestant Beth Kirby.

Judge Graham Elliott told the contestants, "Half of your time has evaporated. 30 minutes gone! And Chef Ramsay has yet to begin cooking.”

But even with only 30 minutes to work, Ramsay delivered a beautiful dish -- black cod with a sesame seed crush and caramelized cauliflower -- that all of the home cooks agreed was delicious. Thankfully, he wasn't in the running. He just wanted to show them an example of what could be accomplished during that type of challenge.

Buddy TV loved watching the competitors get schooled by Chef Ramsay, saying that there's nothing better than watching amateurs get psyched out by a pro. And watching him goof around for a half hour was definitely getting to them. Carter Matt loved the episode as well, saying that the show has just entered the best part of the competition.

Tune in to see who gets eliminated next -- it was Malcolm Green and Adriana Guillen this week -- on "MasterChef," Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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