06/06/2013 05:32 pm ET

Sean Hannity Jokes About Roger Ailes Story In Jonathan Alter's New Book

Sean Hannity has checked Roger Ailes' office, and says that the walls are not made of bulletproof glass.

The Fox News host publicly disclosed this information on Thursday, tweeting:

He was joking about one of the stories in Jonathan Alter's new book "The Center Holds: Obama And His Enemies" — that Ailes "tried to order bombproof glass for his office because he thought homosexuals outside News Corp. headquarters on Sixth Avenue might shoot at him (he settled for drawing the blinds instead)."

Fox News was none too happy about that report or any of Alter's other anecdotes. A network spokesperson called the book "a desperate attempt to smear Fox News."

"Jonathan Alter is living in an altered universe," the spokesperson told Mediaite. "His fantasies about a man to whom he once applied for a job and was rejected, seem to carry an enormous amount of personal malice."



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