06/06/2013 01:34 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Volttage: Jack Mackenroth's New HIV Positive Dating Site


For HIV-positive gay men, the dating world can be a difficult forest to navigate. In a community that can be heavy on the positive stigma, having to divulge your status and wait for the other guy to "be OK" with it can get old really fast. Enter Jack Mackenroth -- fashion designer, swimmer, model, HIV advocate, 23-year HIV survivor, past Project Runway contestant, and mastermind behind Volttage, a dating site for HIV-positive gay men.

Now, Jack is looking to expand Volttage's scope past being a mere dating site, and to create an artistic and cultural hub for positive gay men to be themselves -- a true social network. Joining him in the effort is writer David Duran, who curates for Volttage's new blog, Volttage Buzz. David writes on a host of topics, from sexuality to global travel, and is well known for his popular and thought-provoking articles on HIV-related topics. Jack and David sat down with TheBody.com's Mathew Rodriguez to discuss Volttage, Volttage Buzz, the stigma of dating as positive gay men, and how they hope to create a community for positive men to thrive and express their opinions.