06/07/2013 06:44 am ET Updated Jun 07, 2013

'Burn Notice' Premiere: Michael's Deep Undercover, But Somebody Blows His Cover (VIDEO)

It's been several months since Michael agreed to work for the CIA again. On the "Burn Notice" premiere, he was deep undercover and completely out of touch with the old gang. But that didn't mean things would stay that way. This is, after all, the final season of the hit series.

Both of his worlds collided when his mother, Madeline, accidentally blew his cover. Michael was working in the Dominican Republic, trying to get close to a terrorist named Randall Burke. But Burke had people in Miami looking into Michael, and that's where his mother's admission that her son was "working on a government assignment" became problematic.

She didn't stop there, though. "You could look up my arrest records from last year when I turned myself into the police. We were all released. Part of deal that Michael had made with the CIA.”

Michael got wind that his cover had been blown and was able to work some damage control, but things are precarious at best. Buddy TV wonders what will happen when he returns to Miami. "Will Michael's friends help salvage his cover? Will they be able to trust Michael again once he explains his reasons for going back to the CIA? And while Fi's new man is easy on the eyes, is he any match for the connection she shares with Michael?”

Oh yeah, Fiona is working as a bounty hunter and has a new man in her life. Will she and Michael get together by the end of the series? thought this was a strong premiere for the show's final season.

The adventure continues, one last time, on "Burn Notice" every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on USA.

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