06/10/2013 01:21 pm ET

Airbus's Bag2Go Prototype Could Eliminate Risk Of Lost Luggage

The days of lost luggage may soon be behind us.

Airbus has unveiled a prototype for a new suitcase, Bag2Go, that is designed to eliminate a scenario every airline traveler fears: lost, misplaced or delayed bags. Mashable reports that the prototype is equipped with a barcode and RFID chip that sync with airport luggage tracking systems and an iPhone app so that travelers can track the suitcase throughout the bag check process. The bag is also outfitted with sensors that allow the owner to track its exact location via GPS, if the other options fail.

Other useful features include a built-in scale in the handle so that travelers can avoid unnecessary bag check fees.

Airbus is still determining the best way to develop the product. Engadget reports Airbus is considering a model where customers can purchase the bag at a premium or rent it for long trips. Mashable reports that the airline manufacturer hopes airports will carry the idea forward.

Watch the video here.



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