06/10/2013 01:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Baby Pudu, A Tiny Deer, Is Ridiculously Adorable, And She Loves Her Mom (PHOTO)

Patti Truesdell

She's just three weeks old, and doesn't yet have a name, but that hasn't stopped the newest resident at the Detroit Zoo from being amazing adorable.

The baby pudu, a species of deer, was born on May 20 to parents Carol and T. Roy. And she and her mom seem to already have a very special (and heart-melting) bond:

baby pudu deer fawn

Photo by Lee Fisher courtesy of Detroit Zoological Society.

Pudus are the smallest species of deer. The natural habitats of southern pudus like the little fawn are the rainforests of Chile or Argentina. There are fewer than 30 of them living in U.S. zoos; five have been born in the Detroit Zoo alone since 2008, including the newborn's sister, Hamil Girl, who was born last year. We smell a new municipal motto: Detroit Pudu City?!

The nameless-for-now baby will make her debut Friday at a benefit gala to support the Detroit Zoological Society. We're sure Carol will be tagging along.

What would you name the Detroit Zoo's new baby pudu? Leave your ideas in the comments.

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