06/11/2013 12:20 pm ET

Best Commencement Speeches 2013: 10 Speakers Who Are Redefining Success (VIDEO)

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In her commencement address at Smith College, Arianna Huffington told the class of 2013, "Don't buy society's definition of success, because it's not working for anyone." Huffington was one of a handful of speakers this year who took the podium in front of thousands of graduates and put forth a new model of success, one that emphasizes human connection over accumulating wealth, personal fulfillment over power and health and well-being over stress and burnout.

From Kerry Washington to Jonathan Safran Foer to Deepak Chopra, these 10 commencement speakers inspired the class of 2013 -- and the rest of us looking for a little wisdom to take with us into our own futures -- to live in a way that is mindful, sustainable and meaningful. Click through the slideshow to watch the speeches that encouraged this year's graduating class to redefine success.



10 Commencement Speeches That Redefined Success