06/10/2013 03:44 pm ET

Seth Rogen On 'The Guilt Trip': 'We Shot That Movie In The Format That Plays On Airplanes Only'


From the files of hilarious real talk, here's Seth Rogen discussing "The Guilt Trip" during an appearance on Doug Benson's podcast, "Doug Loves Movies":

We shot that movie in the format that plays on airplanes only [laughs]. They were like, 'Talk loud because the engine will be roaring. [...] 'You've got to talk over the engine; there's announcements early on in the flight. You've got to take that into consideration [laughs].

Rogen's work on the Barbra Streisand comedy, which grossed just $41 million worldwide, wasn't the only source of his self-deprecating barbs; the 31-year-old also took aim at his infamously troubled superhero film, "The Green Hornet."

"It was a perfect storm of bad shit happening," Rogen said. About what he learned from the experience, Rogen, who co-wrote the film, offered this: "We shouldn't make expensive movies where we can't just do a million dick jokes."

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