06/11/2013 03:30 pm ET Updated Jun 12, 2013

Farrah Abraham's Business School Plans May Someday Make Her A Restaurateur


"Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham plans on getting her business degree at Pace University's Lubin School as the first step toward her goal of opening multiple restaurants, according to an interview with Business Week. But don't plan on sitting next to Abraham in class, Pace students; she's going the online route. Abraham says she wants to avoid "teachers and students who could not handle themselves around" her.

The former MTV personality (and worst spokesperson for bedroom safety of her generation) says she plans on opening her first restaurant at the beginning of 2014 on the way to completing her bachelor's degree. "I would hope to have a couple of restaurants open by that point, and do other business projects," she says.

With her history, who knows what she means by "other business projects."

She adds, "Even though I’m already successful and have a career it is always good to have your eggs in more than one basket." Totally.



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