06/11/2013 03:52 pm ET

'Girls Season 38' Video Parody, Starring Laraine Newman, Imagines HBO Characters 40 Years From Now

What would the characters of "Girls" look like in 40 years?

That's the premise of "GIRLS Season 38," a video parody written and directed by Gail Lerner. Hannah, played by "SNL" alum Laraine Newman, is still broke, living with Marnie and looking for something to write about. "Am I too old to be wearing rompers and eating street lobster and compulsively hooking up with random guys?" she asks.

In the clip we see that little has changed over the last four decades -- Marnie is still pining over Charlie, Jessa seems completely unfazed by everything (including her serious health issues) and Shoshanna is obsessing over the smallest details of her new relationship.

Newman, who shared the video in a blog for the Huffington Post this week, described herself as a huge fan of the show and Lena Dunham. She revealed that she channeled her inner Lena when approaching this project: "I am not Lena Dunham with all of her courage and bravado," Newman wrote. "I just play her in a web parody."

Bravo to Newman for doing so. It's pretty darn hilarious.



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