06/11/2013 02:32 pm ET

Joan Rivers: Kate Middleton Knows The Job, But Princess Diana Didn't

Joan Rivers has something to say about everyone -- so why should Princess Diana and Kate Middleton be spared?

The "Fashion Police" host spoke exclusively with E! News about the British royals, heaping praise on the Duchess of Cambridge and her personal style. "Hip and cool and she wears clothes so beautifully. She knows the job... Diana did not know the job. This girl knows the job," said Rivers.

It's not like it was Princess Di's fault, Rivers added. "Remember, Diana was 19 and came from a very elegant family, so they probably didn't teach her," she told E! News. But Kate hails from a commoner background and therefore had her hand held a bit more (remember the princess lessons?).

It's a nice sentiment coming from the Queen of Mean... especially after she took a swipe at the royal couple back in 2012 and dredged up old dirt on Diana. Not so nice, Joan.

But it's hard to find something to criticize Kate for these days, given that she's got the best nose, best hair, best dog, best marriage and best eyebrows out of every girl in England. The only fault anyone might find? That she doesn't dress sexy enough, according to Roberto Cavalli. We bet Joan Rivers would beg to differ.

One thing both Kate and Diana have suffered through: royal rumors.

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