06/11/2013 10:12 am ET

Kodi Weatherspoon Allegedly Scalps Baby While Assaulting Wife

An Ohio father ripped off part of his infant son's scalp while fighting with his wife.

The baby's mother told investigators that Kodi Weatherspoon, 34, tore away skin from the top of the 1-month-old boy's head while he was trying to pull her hair, the Fairborn Daily Herald reported.

Police say Weatherspoon, called 911 on June 5 saying, "I got a hurt baby . . . me and my wife, we got into a little argument and the baby got hurt," the Fairborn Daily Herald reported.

When police got to the Fairborn apartment, they say Weatherspoon's wife had a large abrasion above her eye. She was holding her son, who was missing part of his scalp, according to WDTN.

The injury was so severe that the baby's skull was exposed, according to a police report, which also said that blood was splattered throughout the home.

The baby was taken to a hospital, though his condition has not been released.

According to the WHIO TV, a medical worker picked up the scalp from the kitchen floor and packed it in ice to be taken to the hospital with the child.

Weatherspoon has been charged with assault and child endagnerment.



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