Mick Jones On New Music: 'Everything Has Sort Of Been Done In A Way'

Music legend Mick Jones thinks today's music is "contrived," he told HuffPost Live host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin Tuesday.

The Foreigner guitarist said that the two bands he most respects today are The Black Keys and Queens of the Stone Age.

"It's got that raw kind of edge to it. It's natural; it doesn't sound contrived at all," Jones said when asked why he's attracted to those groups.

Jones says modern music doesn't have the "flamboyance or excitement" that was found in the 1970s, causing today's youth to idolize that particular era as being an apex of creativity.

"Everything has sort of been done in a way. I mean, it's never everything, but a lot of it was created then," he said. "People were larger than life, some of the artists, and some great artists and great music, and a lot of it has become timeless."

Watch Jones discuss his thoughts on music today in the clip above, and watch the full segment below:



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