06/11/2013 11:42 am ET Updated Jun 11, 2013

Tea Party's 'Impeach Obama' Protest Backs Up Traffic For 10 Miles

California played host to what I believe is the nation's first ever "Birther" gaper's block yesterday, as a gaggle of Tea Party activists staged an "Impeach Obama" rally on an overpass on Interstate 5 near Carlsbad, Calif. According to the Carlsbad Patch, traffic was lightly snarled as looky-loos did their looky-looing before driving on, into an uncertain future, I guess: "Traffic around 12:15 p.m. was slowed as far north as Camp Pendleton -- but speeds returned to normal immediately after the overpass."

The organizer of this game-changing traffic jam, Roger Ogden, says that he is "sorry for any small inconvenience" that drivers "may have suffered," except that he's not really. Per Patch:

“But it is also inconvenient to the entire nation to have a lawless president in office who murders American citizens without judicial process; wages illegal war without congressional approval required by the Constitution, including a terroristic drone war, which has killed about 5,000 people including many children and innocent bystanders in allied countries; dictates law by executive order and generally trashes the Constitution,” he said via email early Sunday.

“It is not even clear that he is eligible for the office he holds.”

The funny thing is that the Birther-cuckoobird concern over President Barack Obama's eligibility is the only thing on that litany of complaints that distiguishes it from the litanies of complaints levied against Obama's predecessor.

Let's just impeach everything that happened after the '90s, is my suggestion?

Anyway, the group plans on ruining traffic in California again on Independence Day, though it's actually arguable that you can't ruin California's traffic more than it's already ruined.



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