06/12/2013 04:39 am ET Updated Jun 12, 2013

'Awkward' Finale: Jenna Chooses Herself By Choosing Someone Else (VIDEO)

Things got even more "Awkward" for Jenna, just when everything seemed to be going so great with Matty, in the mid-season finale of MTV's teen comedy. He was being the perfect boyfriend, and yet there was something missing for her. Was it really just that he never read her blog, or was Jenna still haunted by the conversation she had that she was out of Matty's league -- at least intellectually?

Whatever it was, Collin came in and started appealing to that intellect, and Jenna found her feelings getting all mixed up. When he confirmed that there was a mutual attraction, it was as if she lost control. It's a teenager thing.

Her timing couldn't have been worse, though. Collin had given her a ride to a party where she was going to meet Matty. Moments after texting Matty that she was out front, she and Collin were locking lips. Matty walked up, but it was unclear what he might have seen as Jenna popped up right in front of him, and right in front of a big "TO BE CONTINUED..."

“Yes, it was passionate. Yes, it was epic. But most importantly, it was wrong," wrote Hollywood Life of the big kiss. "To be honest, I don’t really care what’s going on in Jenna’s head; Matty ... has been the perfect boyfriend this season — not only has he put up with her incessant pity parties, but he even learned how to dance/give good face for her — and what she did this week was unforgivable.”

Jenna's probably going to mire herself in guilt and self-pity some more after betraying Matty like that. She'll have to stew on what she did until the Fall, when new episodes of "Awkward" return.

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