06/12/2013 08:11 am ET

'Backyard Oil' Finale: Jimmy And Rascal Compete To See Who Can Strike Oil First (VIDEO)

It was the season finale of "Backyard Oil" and it saw Jimmy Reliford and his team competing with John Rascal and his team. They had two neighboring strips of land and a pretty straightforward wager. Strike oil first and win.

Jimmy had more experience with drilling for oil, and that experience proved to be the key. He and his team struck oil before Rascal did. The drill cost Jimmy $25,000, but after hitting a 10-barrell-a-day well -- and winning the lease to Rascal's land in the bet -- he estimated he'd be bringing in $360,000 a year in all.

But Jimmy wasn't the only one cashing in. Huffington Post noted that Discovery was smartly jumping on the "hillbilly" bandwagon, writing, "From ‘Duck Dynasty’ to ‘Moonshiners’ to ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,’ we're in the middle of a redneck revolution."

It's a gamble that's paying off for the network. Discovery paired "Backyard Oil" with their established hit "Deadliest Catch" on Tuesday nights and rose to become the number one cable network for men on the night.

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