06/12/2013 03:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Brad Pitt's Vegemite Reaction: Strange Experiences On His Australian Adventure

Channel Ten Au / The Project

Brad Pitt's in Australia to promote his latest movie, "World War Z," and he's evidently up for anything. During his appearance on Australian television show "The Project," the star tried a taste of a classic Australian spread called Vegemite, a yeasty, salty, sticky condiment similar to British Marmite. People normally either love it or hate it, and though Brad admitted that he had heard of it from the catchy Men at Work song "Down Under," he had remained a Vegemite virgin. Until now.

Ignoring the presenter's offer of a cracker, he declared, "Let's not mess around, and just get to it," and scooped some Vegemite out of the jar with his finger. Though he described it as "Kinda nice," adding, "Can I get a beer with it?" his facial reaction shows that perhaps he was just being polite.

What do you think? The video is below:



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