06/12/2013 06:22 pm ET

Lost Wedding Ring: Husband Accidentally Sells Wife's Ring At Garage Sale (VIDEO)

A southern California woman is devastated after her husband accidentally sold her most treasured possession -- her wedding ring.

Local news station KABC reported Monday that before Racquel Cloutier headed to the hospital to deliver her fifth child on May 31, she put her $23,000 wedding ring in a wooden jewelry box for safekeeping. But she didn't tell her husband, and on June 1, he sold the box at a garage sale for $10.

The ring is tucked under the cushion in the box, so whoever bought it might not know it's there. Cloutier is asking for anyone with information to email her at

On Wednesday, ABC News reported that the ring hadn't turned up yet. Watch the video above for more.

Cloutier may be comforted by stories of other lost wedding rings that were safely returned, like the homeless man who gave a woman back her ring after she dropped it in his change cup earlier this year, or the Chicago woman whose ring was accidentally shipped to Arkansas, then mailed back to her.

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Ring Mishaps

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