06/12/2013 09:11 am ET Updated May 08, 2014

Temporary Food Tattoos: Show Your Culinary Love, Just Not Forever (PHOTOS)

Always wanted some culinary ink, but were afraid to take the plunge? We found a solution!

We love food tattoos around here. How much? Well... let's just say some of us might even have a few of our own. But we know that not everyone is so bold, or so willing to commit to a particular food design for life. If you're not ready to take the plunge, but want to give something a try, we (and the internet) have figured out a solution: temporary food tattoos!

We're not just talking traditional cherries and slices of pizza here (yes, where we come from slices of pizza are traditional tattoos), we found a food-oriented temporary tattoo for just about every culinary taste. Temporary tattoo-makers of the world: we are still searching for the perfect pickle tattoo design, for the record. What's the best food tattoo (temporary or otherwise) that you've ever seen? Let us know in the comments!

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