06/13/2013 03:54 am ET

'Baby Daddy': Riley And Danny Share A Kiss, But Will Either Of Them Remember (VIDEO)

Ben decides to step up and try and act like his brother Danny's manager on "Baby Daddy." Of course, this ruffles the feathers of Danny's current manager: their mother. Ben wasn't quite as inspired by the opportunity to find a new career for himself as he was by the hot rep for a Japanese beverage.

Against his mother's wishes, he pushed Danny into the project. It didn't take much pushing, though, as Danny was pretty psyched to do his first promotional spot. He'd always wanted to be the spokesperson for a product line. The one drawback to a perfect commercial shoot was that Danny started downing the drinks like they were water. This put him in the hospital.

There, he wound up stuck in an elevator with Riley and Tucker. Riley was volunteering as a candy striper while Tucker was pretending to be a doctor ... because why not. He wasn't very good, though, as he thought Danny's heart had stopped.

Thinking they were the only ones who could save him, Riley jumped on top of him and began giving him CPR. He woke and started kissing her passionately for a few seconds. Unfortunately, he then sat up too quickly and knocked Riley unconscious with a hard head-to-head hit.

Later, Riley said she didn't remember what had happened, but did she? The back and forth between these characters has been getting more intense in recent episodes, and this dramatic kiss may prove to be the start of them finally coming together.

Tune in for new episodes of "Baby Daddy" every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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