06/13/2013 06:52 pm ET

Co-Parenting: How To Celebrate Father's Day After Divorce

Should you help your kids celebrate your ex-husband on Father's Day?

That's the question tackled in a recent segment on WGN News in Chicago. And according to reporter Jenniffer Weigel, the answer is yes.

"Taking the high road is the way to go," she said. "You're teaching your kids the virtues of kindness and the gift of giving."

Weigel cited advice from author and family therapist Jude Bijou, who suggested that children should be in charge of deciding how to celebrate the occasion.

"Let the child take the lead. This is key," Weigel said. "Say, 'What does daddy like, what do you think we should do?' It's their idea, they remember it more, it means more."

To hear more advice on how to celebrate Father's Day after divorce, check out the video above. Then click through the slideshow below to see how some of our favorite celebs make co-parenting work.

Celebrity Co-Parents

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