06/13/2013 03:05 pm ET

Drew Barrymore's Past And Present: Actress Finds Family Stability She Never Had


Between getting a big acting break at just 6 years old, undergoing two extensive drug rehabilitation treatments at 13 and being legally emancipated from her mother at the age of 15, former child star Drew Barrymore is not shy about admitting that she had "one of the wackiest upbringings." But the 38-year-old actress may have finally found the stability she was looking for in spite of her wild past.

After enjoying a year of married life, Barrymore revealed to C magazine that between her husband Will Kopelman and the "in-laws jackpot" she inherited when she tied the knot last June, she has had "the best karma."

"It's amazing to think that in life you can completely have a do-over," she added.

And it seems that is exactly what she has been getting lately. The mother of one gave birth to daughter Olive in September 2012 and is looking forward to giving her child the normal family life she never had.

Even when it came to dinner, Barrymore said she never sat down to eat with her parents, who divorced in 1984. So when it came time to move in together, she indicated to her husband that "dining rooms are stupid" and should simply not exist. Yet Kopelman suggested that the room should be used for family meals, and that has since gotten her singing a completely different tune.

"Family dinners would never have occurred to me, and that's what I want most," she said.



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