06/13/2013 05:33 pm ET

Gold iPod Watch: Savvy Tinkerer Creates Homemade Wristwatch Using Apple Device (VIDEO)

Why buy a wristband to turn your iPod into a watch when you can just make one out of solid gold? Well, probably because it costs $2,500 and requires days to create. But one savvy man decided to fashion himself a gold iPod watch anyway.

In a video recently posted to Youtube, Ted Chapanian takes viewers through the step-by-step process to show how iPod owners could conceivably build a solid gold casing for their Apple device.

Using the sixth-generation iPod Nano, Chapanian first dissects the device before he creates a prototype watch chassis and melts gold to fit the mold. After spending hours cutting down the gold frame, polishing and soldering, he installs the electronic components into the chassis to create the final product.

While Chapanian notes in the video that it took him more than 500 hours to fashion the homemade gold iPod watch, his spouse, a Reddit user, explained that the lengthy time span included multiple attempts.

"If it only took him one time through it would be 150-200 hrs," the Reddit user wrote. "Unfortunately that was not the case."

"He cracked a few screens actually. The video makes it look easy," the user went on to explain.

Chapanian's design is just the latest example of an Apple device that has been refurbished using gold. Stuart Hughes, a designer based in the U.K., has made a business out of adding bling to iPhones, iPads and iPods. Earlier this year, Hughes unveiled the world's most expensive iPhone 5 -- a speciality black diamond phone that's priced at $15.3 million.



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