06/13/2013 05:59 pm ET

Hideaki Ueda, Japanese Diplomat, Tells United Nations Colleagues To 'Shut Up' (VIDEO)

Well, that's not very diplomatic.

Hideaki Ueda, Japan's human rights envoy to the United Nations, is earning some notoriety around the web after losing his temper at some colleagues when responding to criticism of his country's justice system. A YouTube video of the outburst had received more than 80,000 views at time of writing.

According to the Telegraph, the incident took place during a session of the committee on torture at the United Nations in Geneva. Ueda had been addressing a Mauritius delegate's criticism of Japan's "practice of not permitting a suspect to have a legal representative present during questioning that can last as long as three weeks."

"Certainly, Japan is not in the middle age. We are one of the most advanced countries in the field," Ueda said in response, before being interrupted by laughter, which is barely audible in the video.

Whether the laughter was directed at Ueda's comments is unclear, but it appears he took offense to it.

"Don't laugh!" Ueda shouts in the footage. "Why are you laughing? Shut up. Shut up."

Ueda appears to be seated right of center along the window at rear of the video's frame. His response surprises other session attendees, who turn his way.

According to Japan Times, other media outlets in the country are counting Ueda's own outburst as the latest in a series of notable gaffes by Japanese politicians.

The website also notes that critics of Japan's justice system contend that it favors prosecutors and relies too heavily on confessions extracted under duress.

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