06/13/2013 12:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kryo, Detroit Semi-Superhero, Is Keeping The City's Party Spirit Alive (PHOTOS)

In case you were wondering who is currently winning for most Detroit spirit, look no further. Detroit KRYO is here (and by here, we mean all over town at the Motor City's many parties and festivals) to make the summer memorable and keep the flame of fun alive -- quite literally.

Who needs Robocop when Detroit has KRYO, a man in a nine-foot costume decked out with thousands of LED lights, lasers, fog guns and pyrotechnics?

Photo by Reddit user Chris_Columbus.

KRYO's creator and the man behind the mask goes by Kevin Niezurawski in the outside world, and he can be booked for events. Though he might look more at home in the wild crowds of the Movement Electronic Music Festival, think about what an original -- and possibly terrifying -- clown alternative he'd be at a kiddie birthday party.

Photo by Reddit user Chris_Columbus.

Or you can look for him around town ... just follow the fireworks! If you've spotted KRYO, send us a photo.

Hat tip: Reddit

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