06/13/2013 01:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Paul McCartney On 'Colbert': Legend Talks Beatles History, Duets With Stephen (VIDEO)

Music legend Sir Paul McCartney stopped by "The Colbert Report" on Wednesday for a special hour-long show, in which the former Beatle chatted with Stephen about his songwriting process with the Beatles, the difference between English and American pronunciations and even a quick duet with Colbert.

Ostensibly on the show to promote the reissue of the "Wings Over America" CD and the DVD for the Wings concert movie "Rockshow," McCartney answered Stephen's questions about the Beatles. He chatted about their decision to stop touring because of the loud audiences at their live performances, and their inventiveness in the studio, refusing to replicate instrumental techniques even once.

He also played along with Colbert's playful ribbing, such as his insistence that the English pronounciation of "schedule" (with a soft "ch") is correct over the American version. He also sang an impromptu duet with Colbert, with a rendition of the standard tune "Heaven."

Check out the clip above, and below, watch McCartney sing the Beatles classic "Birthday."




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