06/14/2013 07:57 am ET Updated Jun 14, 2013

'Burn Notice' 100th Episode: Michael Risks His Cover To Save Fiona, But Is It Over Between Them? (VIDEO)

Fans finally got to see Michael and Fi's first encounter on the 100th episode of "Burn Notice." The episode managed to look back at how they first met, while reuniting them in the present. Clearly, things are very different now.

Michael and Fi were both at a pub in Dublin, and rocking Irish accents. The bartender told Michael her name and described her as "trouble of the worst kind."

"Believe me, lad. You won’t be wanting any of that," the bartender told Michael. "Besides, she’s taken.”

But then Michael saw her give her boyfriend a kiss on the cheek and told the bartender, "That’s the kiss you give when it’s over.”

Back in the present, Michael finally had to reveal himself to his old Scooby gang in order to save Fi's life. He used a warning her father had come up with her to get Fi to drop to the ground as his men gunned down her captor. But when she was rescued, it wasn't Michael's arms she ran into.

And then, he got the same kiss he'd witnessed all those years ago in Dublin.

“After everything Michael and Fi have survived, is it possible that their love for one another just isn't enough anymore?” wrote Buddy TV. said that it hurts to see the couple apart like this.

“Factor in how Westen hadn’t had any contact with Fi for nearly a year, plus how he discovered his romantic replacement (Carlos) while saving the new couple’s life ... and it’s a wonder that Michael didn’t break down into fat Irish sobs from his vantage point before mission’s end,” they wrote.

Will they get together before it's all over? The final season of "Burn Notice" continues every Thursday on USA at 10 p.m. ET.

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