06/15/2013 10:04 am ET Updated Aug 15, 2013

'200 Cartas' Movie Is Semi-Autographical Bilingual Journey (TRAILER)

Puerto Rican-born actor and director Bruno Irrizary says it was something rather unexpected that landed Lin-Manuel Miranda the leading role in his latest film, “200 Cartas.”

“I told him your Spanish is so bad, I want you to be my lead actor,” laughs Irrizary, adding that he’s also a brilliant actor and performer.

The semi-autobiographical romantic comedy is Irrizary’s only second feature film, but it is already breaking boundaries — as it is fully bilingual. It tells the story of a Nuyorican comic book artist who falls in love with a Puerto Rican girl, Maria Sanchez, who was visiting New York City. Miranda travels to Puerto Rico with his best friend to look for her, and in their search self-discovery happens. The film will be screening in New York City, for two weeks, starting Friday, June 14.

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