06/16/2013 07:52 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gwist's Pride Month Special Talks With Stonewall Veterans and More, June 10 -- 17


Check out the PRIDE MONTH SPECIAL this week on Gwist! "Stonewall: Profiles of Pride" brings you interviews with real people and veterans of the Stonewall riots to see how the world has changed for the LGBT community. The Steam Room boys devise a clever test to figure out if working out makes you gay. Unexpected collisions occur and limits are pushed on "Conversations w/ My Ex," and "Gwissues" talks to top lesbian YouTube stars to see if YouTube fame is harder for lesbians than gay men.

PRIDE MONTH SPECIAL -- Stonewall: Profiles of Pride
In honor of Pride month, we talk to everyone from Stonewall vets to trans* women, gay immigrants to get a better look at how the world has changed for the LGBT community in the wake of the historic Stonewall riots.

The Gay Make-Out Test -- Steam Room Stories
Does working out turn you gay? The boys find out, and take the Make-Out Test to see if hitting the gym has turned either of THEM gay!

Ep. 7, Letting Go -- Conversations w/ My Ex
Bobby, Janie and Evan collide, Chelsea gets pushed to her limit, and Michael's friends decide it's time for him to have some fun!

Lesbian YouTube Stars -- Gwissues
Bring on the girls! Howard talks about the difficulty of being a lesbian YouTuber with Arielle Scarcella of GirlfriendsTV and Gwist's very own Emily & Liz of Dykeotomy