06/17/2013 09:17 am ET Updated Jun 17, 2013

CNN 'New Day' Premiere: Network's Revamped Morning Show Debuts (VIDEO)

CNN debuted its new morning show on Monday with the premiere of "New Day."

Co-hosts Chris Cuomo and Kate Bolduan joined news anchor Michaela Pereira to welcome viewers to what the network hopes will become a new era. The hosts marveled at how their names were announced by actor James Earl Jones, and said they were excited the premiere date had finally arrived.

When CNN president Jeff Zucker took over in January, the former NBC Universal chief said he was interested in re-energizing the network's morning programming block. The decision was unsurprising, as CNN has been struggling to resonate with morning viewers for years. Also, Zucker was known for his success in transforming NBC's "Today" show into the number one morning program for 16 years.

Zucker replaced Soledad O'Brien and "Starting Point" with "New Day," a show that has been in development for months. He brought over Cuomo from ABC News and promoted Bolduan to serve as co-hosts. He hired Pereira from Los Angeles' KTLA to serve as news anchor.

The CNN president crafted "New Day" in a format similar to network morning shows. He built the show a new studio, which looked like a blend of studios built for "CBS This Morning" and "Live! With Kelly And Michael."

CNN's Christiane Amanpour appeared on the show to discuss Iran's presidential election. HLN host Nancy Grace, who typically appears on ABC's "Good Morning America," joined the hosts to discuss two kidnapping cases. The hosts anchored the show from behind a glass desk for the first two hours of the show but moved to the couch for the majority of the remaining hour.



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