06/17/2013 05:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Shopping With Mom: Still Fun After All These Years (GIFS)

Diamonds aren't a girl's best friend -- her mother is. Who else will love a girl unconditionally, despite her bad perms and distressed denim and occasionally difficult behavior?

In honor of Mom's patience and style prowess, we'd like to highlight all the ways shopping with your mom is way better than shopping solo, or even with your girlfriends.

1. She picks up the bill.

2. She's up to date on sales and promotions.

3. She isn't afraid to give you honest feedback.

4. She's good at figuring out what shoes will go with that dress.

5. No modesty in the fitting room -- this woman used to bathe you.

6. She often spots new trends she already owns "vintage" versions of.

7. You can convince her to try something on she might not have otherwise, making her feel cooler.

8. No matter how much time you spend trying on, she never rushes you.

9. She can sound off on how professionally appropriate (or inappropriate) that outfit is.

10. It's the best time to girl talk.

Any perks we missed? Tell us in the comments!

We bet these duos shop together:

Model Mom-Daughter Pairs

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